The Joint University Microelectronics Program (JUMP) Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI) is an academic year long program that both exposes undergraduates to career opportunities associated with JUMP sponsors, and illustrates the benefits of obtaining an advanced degree in a technical area related to microelectronics and computer science. It combines a structured undergraduate research experience with PhD student and faculty mentorship.

Undergraduate research is something every student should consider. Research experience helps expose students to the cutting edge of their field and can help make courses more interesting. Furthermore, this can help improve their competitive edge for full-time jobs, internships, or grad school-- and help to decide whether grad school is a good fit. Research experiences often lead to publications and chances to attend a conference in the research topic area. These research experiences can also give more direct interaction with faculty and help obtain strong letters of reference. If you missed our info session on 11/19/18, here are the topics/projects that were presented. 

URI is a paid program. If you are interested in applying for the summer, email Check our website later in the summer for next fall's opportunity.  

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