Mete Civelek's new award from the American Diabetes Association


Metabolic Syndrome is a primary cause of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Understanding the biologic networks that underlie the complex interactions in metabolic syndrome is required for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. In this project, Dr. Civelek’s lab will build upon their discoveries published in Nature Genetics in 2018 to understand the role of the transcription factor KLF14 in adipocyte biology, body fat distribution, and Type 2 Diabetes.

Mete Civelek, PhD, is Assistant Professor of BME and Member of the UVA Center for Public Health Genomics. His new grant is a 3-year "Innovative Basic Science Award" from the American Diabetes Association #1-19-IBS-105.

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Mete Civelek portrait

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering Mete Civelek uses big data analytics to understand the molecular pathways of disease, and to develop personalized medicine approaches to cardiovascular disease and cancer.