The UVA Office of Undergraduate Research (OAR) invited undergraduate researchers across the University to nominate faculty mentors who regularly go above and beyond to create and engage students in research opportunities.  Three undergraduates in BME Assistant Professor Mete Civelek's lab presented the most compelling case, and Dr. Civelek has been named the OAR's “Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year.”

Dr. Civelek is a research in biomedical data sciences at UVA

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering Mete Civelek.

Meet the Civelek lab's Harrison Award-winning undergrad researchers


Ngozi Damilola Akingbesote of Ondo State, Nigeria, and Sterling, Virginia (Biochemistry '20) experiments on a particular gene, the KLF14 gene, that contributes to the risk of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Rita Anane-Wae of Glendale, Arizona (BME '21) is researching a gene that influences the development of coronary artery disease.

Lisa Chen of Springfield, Virginia (BME '19) researches coronary artery disease risk associated with non-coding genetic variants at the PHACTR1 gene locus.


Civelek Lab Undergraduate Researchers

From left: Ngozi Akingbesote, Rita Anane-Wae, and Lisa Chen.