Virginia iGEM is recruiting for Summer 2020!

Are you an Undergraduate student with interests in biology, biomedical engineering, computer science, systems engineering, public relations or leading a research team? Are you interested in synthetic biology, genetic engineering, or artifcial organisms? Do any of the following sound exciting:

  • Researching sustainable biofuels
  • Making chemicals from agricultural waste
  • Automating biology and genetics research
  • Creating systems for manufacture of biologics and vaccines
  • Talking to CEOs, engineers and scientists representing companies and labs at the forefront of synthetic biology and genetics
  • Meeting hundreds of teams and thousands of people from around the world with the same interests as you

You should apply to Virginia iGEM. Our team is currently recruiting for Summer 2020; every year, we bring on an ecclectic group of students, 1st through 3rd year, who work together to discover problems that can be solved via synthetic biology, engineer and build a genetic construct and functional prototype, and present their work at the iGEM Conference in Boston for a week in October.

Visit the new Virginia iGEM Website to learn more!