Pamela Frailey Faggert, a retired Dominion Energy senior vice president with experience in both enforcing and meeting environmental regulatory compliance in industry, has been named the 2020 Brenton S. Halsey Distinguished Visiting Professor in Chemical Engineering at the University of Virginia.

Faggert is the 22nd industry executive to serve as Halsey Professor since the James River Corporation endowed the position to honor one of the company’s founders. The professorship was established to bring to Grounds industry leaders in chemical engineering and related fields whose broad practical experience can influence the education, scholarship and professional development of undergraduates in the UVA School of Engineering.

Faggert received her bachelor's in chemical engineering from UVA in 1979 and later earned an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University. She began her career at the Mobil Corporation (now Exxon Mobil), where she served on the internal environmental audit team. In 1987, Faggert began working in state government as a regional permit engineer, and worked her way up to director of the air division of what is today the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. In 1994, she went to Dominion Energy, where she retired as chief environmental officer and senior vice president for sustainability. She has significant experience as a public speaker; has held numerous leadership roles in industry associations; and served on environmental, education and community boards.

Portrait of Pamela Frailey Faggert

Faggert’s background makes her ideally suited to serve as the Halsey Professor, appointed each year to develop and teach a limited-enrollment fourth-year business and technology leadership course in the spring semester. The course focuses on themes of human values and practices in business and industry. In addition to her many years of leadership, she will bring insights from her experience guiding Dominion Energy on environmental compliance and sustainability programs while representing the company’s interests.

“I am so privileged to have this opportunity to return to UVA Engineering,” Faggert said. “I look forward to sharing what I have learned, and I’m confident that I will learn as well from our incredibly impressive students and faculty.”

Faggert plans to emphasize professional development skills, including communicating effectively, knowing yourself, managing your career and working with others. Additional areas of focus will be project management and leading strategically, globally, ethically and sustainably. Expert guest speakers will be frequent contributors, she said.

“I hope students will gain an appreciation of the skills beyond their technical competencies that will help them be better prepared to transition to the workplace and succeed after they get there.”

The distinguished men and women who have been named Halsey Professors include executives from BP, Exxon, Merck, Babcock and Wilcox, Duke Power, the American Chemical Society and other prominent companies and organizations. Each rose to the pinnacles of their professions, learning the complexities of modern technological leadership along the way — and that’s what makes the program so special, said William S. Epling, chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering.

“The Halsey course is an excellent opportunity for our students to learn from high-level leaders in our field," Epling said. "Drawing from their own careers, they all bring something different to the class, but what they have in common is incredible experience that they are eager to share with engineering students who will be stepping in to their places soon enough. Having Pam as the Halsey Professor is a great addition to our team and a great opportunity for our students to learn from her diverse background and experiences."