Meet Mackenzie Grubb from the Caliari Lab

Mackenzie is a Ph.D. student in Steven Caliari’s lab. She is the Outreach Chair for GBMES responsible for seeking out and organizing local opportunities for student outreach, such as tutoring, educational fairs, and service in the community.

Meet Mackenzie Grubb

Mackenzie Grubb, second year Ph.D. student in Steven Caliari’s lab.

Q: Where did you go for your undergradate degree, and what did you study?

I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Florida (go gators!).

Q: What is something that you like about your research?

My research is centered on utilizing hydrogel platforms to study the extracellular cues that drive pulmonary fibrosis. With that, I love getting to implement new approaches in lab and exploring new areas of the field!

Q: What do you like to do when you aren't working on research?

When not working on research I love to be outside! I like to hike and camp, I love to play soccer and volleyball and other sports, and I love exploring restaurants and wineries around Charlottesville.

Q: What is a food you enjoy?

I love spicy foods, and also chocolate, but not together.

Find Mackenzie on Twitter @grubb_mackenzie

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