Meet Yonathan Aberra from the Civelek Lab

Yonathan is a second year Ph.D. student in Mete Civelek’s lab. He is one of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Chairs for G-BMES, where he focuses on helping to educate the department on DEI issues and promoting an inclusive environment in UVA Biomedical Engineering.

Photo of a Graduate Student in BME at UVA

Yonathan Aberra, Civelek Lab

Q: Where did you go for your ungraduate degree, and what did you study?

I went to UC Irvine for undergrad (Zot Zot Zot!) and studied Biomedical Engineering.

Q: What is something that you like about your research?

I like that my research uses human genetic variation and clinical data to formulate hypotheses to investigate. It feels like working with the entire world, albeit from a little distance.

Q: What do you like to do when you aren't working on research?

I like to go for runs and explore nature, which is really easy to access in Charlottesville. I also enjoy listening to music, dancing, and jamming with friends.

Q: What is a food you enjoy?

My mom makes the best Ethiopian food I've ever had, including the classics like Shiro, Wot, Gomen, and Ayib.

Find Yonathan on Twitter @YonathanAberra

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