Are you self-driven, independent and interested in computational modeling and data science?

A message fom Dr. Timothy Allen, director of UVA's NSF REU in Multi-scale Systems Bioenginering and Biomedical Data Science

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students throughout the country have been left without any kind of opportunity to gain experience this summer. Internships, REU experiences and summer research in faculty labs have been cancelled.

Many students' summer plans are completely in limbo.

As our BME department chair Fred Epstein has been quick to point out, for rising seniors at smaller institutions, or institutions without resources in computational modeling and biomedical data science, this may be the last opportunity for a pivotal experience prior to graduation.The cancellation of summer research and internships may especially harm underrepresented students in STEM, as this article attests.

Timohty Allen, PhD is an associate professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Principal Investigator for UVA's National Science Foundation-funded research program for undergraduates interested in systems bioengineering and biomedical data science.

That's why this summer UVA will host a “virtual” version of our National Science Foundation-funded research program in multi-scale systems bioengineering and biomedical data science.

Of course, there are drawbacks to the kind of remote-mentored program. The majority of the time, students will be working independently.

Over the eight-week program, participants can expect to work on REU activities for 20 hours per week. A typical week might include a one-on-one meeting with the faculty mentor, attendance at the group’s lab meeting, and in some cases a smaller group meeting with other students in the lab. There will also be a weekly meeting with the rest of the REU cohort, where we will cover topics such as systems modeling and biomedical data science basics, research ethics and professional development.

The rest of the time students will need to take the lead on and repsonsibility for their project's progress. As a result, applicants should be really comfortable with self-directed learning. They will also need broadband internet access.

We’re using the common NSF REU common application, The dealine to apply is June 14th. The program begins June 22nd. 

Summer 2020 "Virtual" REU in Multi-scale Systems Bioengineering and Biomedical Data Science

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