A Collaborative Seminar Series

The Open BME Seminar Series is coordinated by seven of the leading BME departments in the country.

2021 Seminar Schedule


About #openbme

The goal is to expose our community to cutting edge ideas in the field of biomedical engineering by attracting a group of high-quality speakers that would be difficult for any single department to host on its own. Participating BME departments are the University of Virginia, Case Western Reserve University, Northwestern University, Rice University, University of Michigan, University of Pittsburgh, and Washington University in St. Louis. 


2021 Open BME Seminar Series:


02/04: Bruce Tromberg- NIH/NIBIB (link)

“Bioengineering for COVID-19: Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) at Unprecedented Speed and Scale”

Hosted by Washington Univ. In St. Louis


02/18: Dr. Matthew Porteus- Stanford (Link)

"Gene Targeting of Stem Cells to Create Effective and Safe Medicines"

Hosted by Rice Univ.


02/25: Adriana Velazquez- WHO (Link)

"As the world gets smaller, how can we expand biomedical engineering impact to global health?"

Hosted by Case Western


03/04: Dr. Danielle Bassett- Univ. of PA (Link)

“Systems Neuroscience”

Hosted by Case Western


03/18: Dr. Daniel Rueckert- Imperial College London (Link)

"Learning clinically useful information from medical images"

Hosted by UVA


03/25: Dr. Warren Grayson- Johns Hopkins (Link)

"Making Faces: Regenerating Craniofacial Bone"

Hosted by Northwestern University


04/01: Dr. Tim Downing- UCI (Link)

“Synthetic Genome Regulation for Cell and Tissue Engineering”

Hosted by Univ. of Michigan


04/08: Dr. James Collins- MIT (Link)

“Synthetic Biology: Life Redesigned”

Hosted by Univ of Pittsburgh


Announcing the Open BME Seminar Series