Each year, the National Science Foundation bestows CAREER Awards upon early-career faculty who are expanding the frontiers of knowledge and education to make the world a better place. Multiple faculty in the UVA Engineering Department of Computer Science have won prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER Awards over the past two years:

  • CAREER Award: Racing to Safety

    Madhur Behl Earns National Science Foundation Grant Fueling Research that will Lead to Safer, More Trusted Autonomous Vehicles

    Behl has pioneered the use of car racing to accelerate research on autonomous vehicles and will lead a UVA team in the inaugural Indy Autonomous Challenge in October.

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  • CAREER Award: Speed of Data

    Samira Khan Earns National Science Foundation Grant to Create New Networks Fast Enough to Maneuver Big Data

    The amount of data available globally has outpaced the computer processing power needed to analyze it. Khan is reinventing computer architecture to unlock the power of big data.

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  • CAREER Award: Trusted Voice

    Yuan Tian Earns National Science Foundation Grant for Developing Advanced Methods to Secure Voice-controlled and "Internet of Things" Platforms

    Yuan Tian, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Virginia School of Engineering, recently earned a CAREER Award from the National...

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  • CAREER Award: Developing Trust

    Lu Feng Earns Prestigious National Science Foundation Grant to Create Formal Methods that Increase the Safety and Reliability of Human-Cyber-Physical Systems

    Lu Feng, an assistant professor with joint appointments in the Department of Computer Science and Department of Engineering Systems and Environment at the University of Virginia...

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