From Mother to Baby: Uncovering the Mechanisms of Antibody Transfer Across Racial Groups

Sepideh Dolatshahi develops new systems biology approaches to understand fundamental mechanisms of immune regulation and dysregulation, with an ultimate objective of identifying strategies to improve immunotherapies. She recently received a $100,000 seed funding grant from the Jeffress Memorial Trust for a pilot study that hopes to uncover the maternal and placental immune regulatory mechanisms that differentially affect antibody transfer across racial groups.

The Jeffress Trust Program provides $100,000 awards as seed funding to support one-year pilot studies that encourage the development of innovative interdisciplinary strategies that integrate computational and quantitative methods across a broad range of scientific disciplines.

Sepideh Dolatshahi, Ph.D.

Our newest assistant professor on why UVA is a great place to start a lab focused on systems immunology.

Dolatshahi Lab at sunset

Dolatshahi Lab, July 2021