Lenjani Has Earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science

Activities at UVA: Society of Woman Engineers at the University of Virginia (2018 and 2019)

Q: Looking back to the time when you applied to UVA Engineering, why did you choose this school?

A: I chose UVA for the close relationships between industry and faculty members, such as the relationship between Micron and my current advisor’s research group, and because of UVA Engineering’s distinguished faculty members.

After your time here, how are you different now – how have you grown as a person?

During my Ph.D. studies at UVA, I had the opportunity to interact with many researchers from industry and academia and present my work to them to ask for their feedback. These interactions, collaborations and presentations have developed my communication skills and made me more confident.

What was your favorite or most memorable educational experience at UVA Engineering, and why? Was there someone who helped you along your journey?

The most educational experience was the Computer Science Graduate Student Group Summer Symposium 2020, where we learned about ongoing research in all UVA computer science research groups.

My advisor, Professor Kevin Skadron, helped me along the Ph.D. journey by helping me develop my ideas and encouraging me, even when I faced setbacks in my research.

What’s next for you?

I am joining Apple for a role that is a strong match with the experience I gained at UVA.

What positive impact do you hope to make in the future? Is there a big societal challenge you’d like to help solve?

I have always been passionate about providing equal educational opportunities for everyone. So, I hope that I can establish or help an organization that pursues this goal in the future.

How has UVA Engineering prepared you for your future, for following your dreams or personal mission?

UVA Engineering has prepared me for the future through cutting-edge courses and research, providing opportunities for developing technical and communication skills, and programs that introduce different career paths.

What advice would you give to engineering students just starting out?

I would advise first-year Ph.D. students to explore different research teams at UVA and identify the group most matched with their interests and lifestyle.

Class of 2022: Marzieh Lenjani

Marzieh Lenjani has earned a Ph.D. in computer science.