Fisher is a Neuroscience Major at Agnes Scott College.

Clubs & Interests: Pre-Health Society, PsychNeuro Club, Accessibility Mentor

Q. How did you first know you wanted to be a scientist or engineer?

A: I knew I wanted to be a scientist when I was exposed to biomedical research after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in high school.

What has been your favorite experience or interaction this summer and why?

My favorite experience this summer was hiking and swimming at Shenandoah with my cohort because it was a great bonding experience and we got to see the natural beauty of Virginia.

What positive impact do you hope to make in the future? Is there a big societal problem that you would like to help solve?

I would like to be a clinician and researcher in the future, and through this I hope to make a positive impact in patients’ lives. Societally, I hope to continue to advocate for my affordable medication prices and/or be a part in curing certain diseases to eliminate the need for certain medications.

How do you think that your experience this summer may help you to meet your personal mission?

Medical school is next for me after graduation. I will be attending Morehouse School of Medicine.

Civelek Lab on a Summer 2022 outing

Class of 2022 REU Participant Aili Fisher was advised by Mete Civelek on a project titled "The Role of Hyperglycemia in Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotypic Plasticity." She is pictured here (second from right) on a Civelek Lab outing.