Saint Paul is a Biomedical Engineering Major at Regis College.

Clubs and interests: Tennis, Haitian-American student organization, Student government association, AMSA chapter, STEM

Q. How did you first know you wanted to be a scientist or engineer?

A: I knew I wanted to be in the STEM world at an early age. As I progressed through the years, I narrowed my list to biology and in college, after learning about BME, I knew for a fact that being a biomedical engineer would make me happy and would be the path for me.

What has been your favorite experience or interaction this summer and why?

The summer itself was filled with favorite moments. But learning different things in lab every day and performing experiments and shadowing and assisting in surgeries was extremely fulfilling to me.

What positive impact do you hope to make in the future? Is there a big societal problem that you would like to help solve?

I hope I can use the experience in lab to help me sharpen my dedication to STEM. I leaned this summer that being a scientist has its high and lows, but why these professionals do what they do is for the greater good. So, in that spirit, I hope I can help in the advancement of regenerative engineering combined with medicine, in a way that promotes inclusivity and excellence.

How do you think that your experience this summer may help you to meet your personal mission?

This summer I learned a lot about being patient and also giving myself some grace when it is needed, from communication to accountability and discipline. I think I have had enough exposure help me further sharpen these qualities, which will help me greatly on my path.

What’s next for you?

I need to graduate college and hopefully get into a graduate program where I can pursuit my interest in research and medicine combined.

BME REU alumni Ells Mine Saint Paul from Regis College

Class of 2022 REU Participant Ells Mine Saint Paul was advised by George Christ and Olivia Sergent on a project titled "Muscular Regeneration Analysis of Volumetric Muscle Loss Injuries Using Hydrogel Therapy."