Cibasu is a Chemical Engineering Major and Pharmaceutical Sciences Minor at the Ohio State University.

Clubs and interests: Student Organization Success Coach, National Society of Black Engineers Programs Chair, University Chorus. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and baking!
Q. How did you first know you wanted to be a scientist or engineer?

I think I first knew I wanted to be a scientist when I was in fifth grade. My class did a mock forensic lab, so we had to use scientific clues to help us solve the case. I really enjoyed the aspect of having to research to solve a problem but also that the fact that science is so broad.
A. What has been your favorite experience or interaction this summer and why?

I really enjoyed getting to participate in the summer seminar series with Dr. Roseanne Ford's Group in Chemical Engineering here at UVA. Despite being in the BME REU, I was still able to connect with people from both departments and even start thinking about potential research that I would want to pursue in grad school. Also, I had a great time playing volleyball with the other students on our floor and making new connections!
What positive impact do you hope to make in the future? Is there a big societal problem that you would like to help solve?

I really hope to encourage future students to consider graduate school! As a minority female in STEM, I was first skeptical to consider pursuing higher education in engineering past a bachelor’s degree just from looking at the statistics. I hope to encourage other minority groups to consider graduate degrees in STEM and also continually diversify the field of engineering and research.  
How do you think that your experience this summer may help you to meet your personal mission?

Personally, this experience provided me with valuable insight on what it takes to get a graduate degree and the potential pathways you can pursue upon finishing your degree. It also really helped me solidify my interests in what type and field of research I would be interested in pursuing for the future.
What’s next for you?

This fall, I will be doing a co-op position with Thermo Fisher Scientific in their MS&T division. And then back to school to finish my degree!!

REU Class of 2022 Martha Cibasu

Class of 2022 REU Participant Martha Cibasu was advised by Roseanne Ford and Sanha Kim on a project titled "Utilizing Machine Learning to Correlate Bacteria Motility and Growth Parameters in an Experimental Setting."