Associate professor of chemical engineering Kyle Lampe has contributed to “Thoughts From the Lawn,” a blog featuring posts by UVA faculty related to their work.

Lampe’s research focuses on developing biomaterials for tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and drug delivery within the central nervous system. In the blog, he explains the nature of his lab’s research involving the study of brain cells, the perspective he is able to bring as a chemical engineer and what it means to him to mentor students in his lab.

“Chemical engineers have a unique picture of how the world works because we are trained in molecular-level techniques, quantitative methods, and system dynamics to understand the movement of matter and energy, how chemical reactions work, and what drives all of this to happen,” Lampe wrote. “In my case, the materials and energy just happen to be specific to biological systems.”

Check out the blog post here. You can also view a video about Lampe’s work here.