Congratulations to the UVA Engineering faculty who earned promotion and tenure in 2023, as well as those who have been named Copenhaver Fellows!

Assistant Professor with term to Associate Professor without term

Madhur Behl, Computer Science
Tong Donna Chen, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Yue Cheng, Computer Science/School of Data Science
Mete Civelek, Biomedical Engineering/School of Medicine
Mohammed Fallahi-Sichani, Biomedical Engineering/School of Medicine
Lu Feng, Computer Science
Donald Griffin, Biomedical Engineering
Farzad Hassanzadeh, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Arsalan Heydarian, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Daniel Quinn, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Xu Yi, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Associate Professor without term to Professor without term

Qing Chang, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Jon Ihlefeld, Materials Science & Engineering
Osman Ozbulut, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Assistant Professor, General Faculty to Associate Professor, General Faculty:

Upsorn Praphamontripong, Computer Science
Glynis Kolling, Biomedical Engineering/School of Medicine

Associate Professor, General Faculty to Professor, General Faculty:

Natasha Smith, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Copenhaver Fellows

Steven Caliari, Chemical Engineering
Jason Kerrigan, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Samira Khan, Computer Science
Matthew Panzer, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Yanjun “Jane” Qi, Computer Science