The Virginia Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine (VASEM) has elected two UVA faculty members and one alumna to its membership. Haydn Wadley, Ph.D., Madhav Marathe, Ph.D., and Vicki Schmanske were inducted during VASEM's 2023 Annual Summit in Richmond. VASEM is celebrating its 10th anniversary and is led by UVA Engineering Dean Emeritus Jim Aylor. UVA Engineering Dean Jennifer L. West also recently joined its board.

New UVA Engineers elected to VASEM include:

Haydn Wadley, Ph.D.

Haydn Wadley is a University Professor and the Edgar Starke Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Virginia. He is best known for his work on the design of lightweight microarchitected materials and their many applications in thermal management, high-intensity impulsive load mitigation, and the design of hypersonic leading edges. His research interests in materials are broad. They span the study of radiation defects in refractory metals, the emission of elastic waves from rapidly propagating defects in metals, the use of sensors and models for intelligent control of materials processing, the atomistic modeling and design of new vapor-phase methods for making multilayered thin films and coatings, and the design of thermal and environmental protection coatings for increasing the efficiency of aero-gas turbine engines. Wadley is a fellow of the American Materials Society.

Madhav Marathe, Ph.D.

Madhav Marathe is an endowed Distinguished Professor in Biocomplexity at the University of Virginia, the Director of the Network Systems Science and Advanced Computing Division at its Biocomplexity Institute, and a Professor of Computer Science. His research focuses on the scientific foundations and the associated engineering principles needed to study large, multiscale complex biological, information, social, and technical networks. His areas of expertise include network science, artificial intelligence, multiagent systems, high-performance computing, epidemiology and more broadly contagion science, complex interacting living and nonliving systems, sustainability science, and data analytics. Marathe is a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Association for Computing Machinery, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He was the Inaugural George Michael Distinguished Scholar at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Vicki Schmanske

Vicki Schmanske is the Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Operations Officer at Leidos, a Reston-based company with 45,000 employees worldwide dedicated to providing innovative technology solutions for civil, defense, health and information clients. She oversees operational performance and strategic functional initiatives across the enterprise, including those for program execution and mission assurance, enterprise risk, corporate strategy, procurement, real estate, communications and marketing, and security. During her 40-year career, Schmanske has successfully held positions of increasing responsibility across intelligence, defense, civil, and health markets. Her experience includes systems engineering, software and information systems development, program management, and enterprise IT services. She has led teams for complex, critical national missions including building satellite ground systems for the defense and intelligence community, implementing enterprise IT solutions and services for defense and civil agencies, and providing healthcare and life science solutions to federal and commercial customers.