NMCF Continuity Information

During the Novel Coronavirus emergency, the Nanoscale Materials Characterization Facility (NMCF) remains committed to fulfilling our research and service mission in a manner that protects the health of our community. 

Updated July 22 2020

All NMCF instrumentation is up and running.


 NMCF Instrumentation Training


New User Training is now available to students and researchers. All training will be remote, with the student on the instrument in communication via Zoom with the instructor.

Please utilize the training videos to prepare for subsequent in person training (log in to UVa Netbadge to access). A standard internet browser may be required to access the video location (e.g. Internet Explorer; Mozilla Firefox; Chrome).


NMCF staff are working remotely as much as possible during UVa's laboratory reoccupancy phase per UVa regulations. 


Please email staff to set up traing sessions, ask questions or to report instrument issues.

NMCF users can also reach out to our faculty and staff by phone during normal business hours.

All Staff and Vistors working in Jesser Hall / Wilsdorf Hall MUST check in & check out for contact tracing purposes.


Current NMCF Instrumentation Users


Prior to arriving at UVa to use NMCF instrumentation, please attest to your wellness via daily email. If you have any listed symptoms, please cancel your instrument usage and stay home (get better!).

Make sure that you have completed the UVa EHS Online COVID Awareness and Prevention Training module.

New room occupancy calendars are being used to reserve time on instrumentation (former instrumentation calendars are no longer in use).


When you arrive at UVa to use NMCF instrumentation:

(1) Swipe into building entrance and into the instrument room (if possible)

(2) Sign in to your PI's Login/Logout sheet and document which NMCF instrument/room you will occupy.

(3) Check to make sure no one else is in instrument room before entering.

(4) Utilize hand santizer and disinfectant available in each room.

(5) Log your time / instrument use / PTAO in the usual manner.

(6) Disinfect computer, handles, lightswitch, chair arms, etc.

(7) Swipe out of the instrument room.

(8) Sign out of your PI's Login/Logout sheet and document any individuals your came in contact with.

(9) Swipe out as you exit the building.

Additional information on NMCF safety and contact tracing procedures can be found on our website.

Questions about safety procedures should be directed to Richard White. Non-compliance with safety protocols may result in revocation of instrument use privileges.


Building Information.


MSB/CHE/WDF Building Zone Guidance on Best Practices for Common Areas includes maps of Entry/Exit and important information on daily operations and interactions.


Here are links to e-mails from the Building Zone Sub-Committee with specific updates:


Exit/Entry 06232020

Getting back to on-Grounds research 06232020

The University of Virginia and UVA Engineering have compiled a significant number of resources for students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders regarding the University's response to COVID-19.