Content Management Documentation

Last update to the documentation: 10/18/2018

This page provides links to the content management documentation. The documentation is presented as either web pages or as Microsoft Word documents that you can download to your computer. Next to each link is the date of the last update to the documentation so you can make sure you have the latest version. If the documentation is a Microsoft Word document, (MS Word) will appear next to the link. In addition, there are links to example pages showing how the different types of content display on the website.

How to log in to the CMS

To log in to the CMS:

  1. Access this URL: (clicking this link will open the page in a new browser tab or window)
  2. Enter your UVA NetBadge ID and and password. 
  3. Click the "Log In" button.

Need Help?

If you need assistance editing website content or have a question regarding using, sizing, or uploading images, please contact Elizabeth Mather, Eric Newsome, or Bridget Moriarty in the Communications Department. Their contact information is below.

Eric Newsome

Bridget Moriarty


  • CMS Overview and Basic Functions (Last updated 4/27/2018)
  • Working with the Content Editor (Last updated 4/10/2017)
    • ​This page includes instructions on how to create a link to a file that's been uploaded into the CMS File Manager, a link to another page in the CMS, a link to an external website page, a link to an email address, and how to insert the Quote Callout into the editor.
  • Creating a link to a file in a text field (Last updated 9/21/2018)
    • Sometimes it is necessary to create a link to a file that you've uploaded into the File Browser. This page includes instructions on how to obtain the path to a file in the File Manager when creating a link to the file using a text field. This applies to links such as the "Related Links" in which the URL (or path) to the file is entered into a text field

Creating New Content and Managing Navigation Menus

Page Templates

Content Callouts


  • Creating and Configuring a Webform (MS Word) (Last updated 7/18/2017)
    • ​This document includes instructions for creating a new webform and placing it within a content page, configuring the confirmation, and inserting the CAPTCHA challenge into the form to protect it against automated "spam" submissions.The document also includes instructions for viewing the information collected by the form and how to export a copy of the information from the CMS as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Webform Input Components (MS Word) (Last updated 7/18/2017)
    • ​This document provides reference information on each of the available types of form inputs (text field, text area, select list, etc.) and shows how to set up each of these fields within a form.

Advancement Site Content Management

Below are links to documentation on the page templates and callouts used to manage the content within the Advancement section of the website.

The Advancement site uses two page templates and specially-designed callouts. The site also include specific menus to manage the links in the header and footer.

Use the links in the left column navigation or the links below to access the documentation for the Advancement site.

Main documentation page for the Advancement site

The page templates are:

The callouts are:

Advancement site menus management (Last updated 10/16/2018)

Other Content Management

File types that Office and Department Managers can upload into the CMS

Below is a list of the file types that can be uploaded into the CMS. The list is of the file extensions. Only files that match one of the extensions can be uploaded.

  • gif
  • png
  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • pdf
  • doc
  • docx
  • ppt
  • pptx
  • xls
  • xlsm*
  • xlsx
  • txt
  • wmv
  • mp4
  • mpg
  • mpeg
  • mov
  • rm
  • webm

For .xlsm docs, please contact the Office of Communications.

I used an image in a page or callout and now I can't find it in the CMS File Browser. It's no longer in the folder I uploaded it into. What happened and how can I find the image? 


When a file is used in a file selector content area of a page or a callout (such as the image selector in the Masthead area of a page, as shown in the below screenshot)

Example of an image selector field

the CMS moves the image from the folder into which it was uploaded in the File Browser and places it in another folder in the File Browser. The folder that it places it in is under the "styles" folder. The exact folder into which the image is placed depends upon the page or callout in which the image was used. The screenshot below shows the CMS File Browser with the "styles" folder expanded to show the folders in it.

The CMS creates folders in the "styles" folder that match the types of pages that include file selector content areas. For example, there's a "masthead" folder for images used in the Masthead area of pages, a "media-large" folder for images used in Media callouts, and so forth. In these folders, the CMS also creates a "public" folder. This is the folder that you want to look in to find the image that you want to re-use in another page or callout.

CMS File Browser showing the styles folder expanded to show the folders in it

Example Pages

Below are links to example pages showing how different content items appear on a page.

Callouts that are pulled into the main area of a page

Callouts that are pulled into the left column of a page

Callouts that are pulled into the Masthead area of a page:

Faculty Member User Set-up

  • Setting up a Faculty Member User (Last updated 8/31/2017)
    • ​This document provides detailed instructions for setting up a faculty member to access the CMS and manage the content of the faculty member's profile page.

CMS Administration


All Headings are in Blue Italic. Below are examples showing how each heading level (Heading 2 through Heading 6) appears.

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

Other available styles include:

Formatted text

Bold font