• CS Graduate Student Group

    The CSGSG serves as the assembly of all graduate students in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Virginia. All graduate students, Master’s and PhD, within the department of computer science or in the computer engineering program are automatically members of the CSGSG.


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  • Important Information for Current UVA Engineering Graduate Students

    Important Information for Current UVA Engineering Graduate Students

    This page is designed to provide useful links and information for current UVA Engineering graduate students. If there is information you need that is not listed here, please contact the OFFICE OF GRADUATE PROGRAMS.

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  • Graduate Writing Lab

    Become a skilled communicator

    The UVA Engineering Graduate Writing Lab provides free one-on-one consultations, events, and facilitated peer review groups for Engineering graduate students, postdocs and faculty. We offer support and strategies to help you improve your writing, presentations, and posters.

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  • CS Grad Student Opportunities

    Here you will find a list of jobs and internships that have been sent to us and upcoming events that might be of interest to CS graduate students.


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  • GRA and GTA information

    MTAs, GTAs, and GRAs

    In our department, we have three types of positions that are filled by graduate students: MTAs, GTAs, and GRAs. MTAs are Masters students who are paid by the hour for tasks such as grading assignments, holding office hours to help students, etc. These MTAs typically pay approx. $15/hr and are 10-20 hrs/week. MTA positions offer no other benefits and do not waive or reduce the tuition costs – so tuition would still need to be paid in full by the MTA student. GTAs are typically PhD students who are serving as Teaching Assistants, and GRAs are typically PhD students who are serving as Research Assistants. 

    In each academic year, the department expects to fulfill a significant number of MTA positions. Being an MTA can help a student reduce their overall cost of attendance. Being a MTA is a great way to learn a topic more deeply, and our current MTAs say that helping other students learn is a very fulfilling experience. While Masters students are certainly not required to be an MTA, our UVA CS community relies on this expertise, so Masters students are encouraged to apply. Toward the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester, current and entering Masters students will be notified of this opportunity. 

    Payroll Schedule for 2018 - 2019 


  • Information for New Graduate Students

    Welcome New Graduate Students!

    Welcome to Computer Science Department at the University of Virginia. On this page, you will find information to help with your transition to graduate school and to Charlottesville. Please feel free to contact us and to ask questions!

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