• Information for New Graduate Students

    Welcome New Graduate Students!

    Welcome to Computer Science Department at the University of Virginia. On this page, you will find information to help with your transition to graduate school and to Charlottesville. Please feel free to contact us and to ask questions!

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  • CS Graduate Student Group

    The CSGSG serves as the assembly of all graduate students in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Virginia. All graduate students, Master’s and PhD, within the department of computer science or in the computer engineering program are automatically members of the CSGSG.


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  • CS Grad Student Opportunities

    Here you will find a list of jobs, internships, and resources that have been sent to us that might be of interest to CS graduate students.

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  • Department Information for Grad Students

    Follow this link for general information about the CS department (staff, copiers/printers, reimbursements, etc.)

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  • GRA and GTA information

    MTAs, GTAs, and GRAs

    In our department, we have three types of positions that are filled by graduate students: MTAs, GTAs, and GRAs. MTAs are Masters students who are paid by the hour for tasks such as grading assignments, holding office hours to help students, etc. The current MTA hourly rate is $15 and are scheduled approximately 10-20 hours per week. MTA positions offer no other benefits and do not waive or reduce the tuition costs – so tuition would still need to be paid in full by the MTA student.

    GTAs are typically PhD students who are serving as Teaching Assistants, and GRAs are typically PhD students who are serving as Research Assistants. 

    In each academic year, the department expects to fulfill a significant number of MTA positions. Being an MTA can help a student reduce their overall cost of attendance. Being a MTA is a great way to learn a topic more deeply, and our current MTAs say that helping other students learn is a very fulfilling experience. While Masters students are certainly not required to be an MTA, our UVA CS community relies on this expertise, so Masters students are encouraged to apply. 

  • Graduate Writing Lab

    Become a skilled communicator

    The UVA Engineering Graduate Writing Lab provides free one-on-one consultations, events, and facilitated peer review groups for Engineering graduate students, postdocs and faculty. The writing lab offers support and strategies to help students improve your writing, presentations, and posters.

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  • Forms

    Find the forms needed for graduate student presentations at this link

    Students going on an internship or leaving the University for any reason must fill out this form: Graduate Student Leave Request Form 

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  • Health Insurance Information

    All UVA students must have health insurance and must complete the Health Insurance Hard Waiver. Students receiving funding will be provided with health insurance through the University. Students will need to sign up for this upon arrival and need to sign up each year in August. Students not receiving funding may also sign up, but will pay for their premium. All students may add dental insurance that can be purchased separately. This premium is not paid by UVA. The links below have more information and sign-up details:

  • Center for American English Language & Culture FAQs

    Students whose first language is not English are required to take the UVELPE test and those who plan on being a TA are required to take the SPEAK test. These tests are administered by the Center for American English Language & Culture. They are typically given twice a year (August and January). For more details visit their FAQ page: http://caelc.virginia.edu/faq

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  • Student Information System

    SIS is the administrative information system of record for all student-related information, including admissions, class enrollment, unofficial transcripts and grades, and student finance. SIS allows faculty to view teaching and exam schedules, advise students, grant students permission to enroll in class, and review and submit grades.

    Student Information System (SIS) FAQs

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  • UVA Engineering - Important Info for Graduate Students

    Important Information for Current UVA Engineering Graduate Students

    This page is designed to provide useful links and information for current UVA Engineering graduate students. Contact the OFFICE OF GRADUATE PROGRAMS for any additional details/questions.

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  • Counseling and Psych Services

    Liz Ramirez-Weaver, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker bilingual in English/Spanish. She is a CAPS psychotherapist specifically dedicated to the mental health needs of School of Engineering students. Ms. Ramirez-Weaver has over 17 years of experience in the field of mental health and received a Master of Social Work degree from Syracuse University.

    Office Location
    Thornton Hall, A-wing 2nd level Room 205B, across from the Stacks study room and next to the Rodman room.

    • Consultation for students and faculty and staff (for concerns about students)
    • Assessment
    • Outreach activities such as presentations, guest talks in class, or meeting with your organization
    • Referrals
    • Brief individual therapy
    • Group therapy

    How to Make an Appointment
    School of Engineering students interested in mental health services can make an appointment by calling the CAPS main number 434-243-5150. Please tell the CAPS receptionist that you are School of Engineering student. The first meeting with Ms. Ramirez will be in person (room A205B Thornton Hall) and will be approximately 20-25 minutes. This meeting allows students to discuss their concerns and plan for appropriate next-steps.

    Ms. Ramirez-Weaver is an employee of CAPS and the same CAPS rules of confidentiality apply to her. Information pertaining to students receiving services through CAPS is maintained separately from any other academic or administrative records and cannot be shared outside of Student Health without written permission of the student unless certain legal exceptions apply. Additionally, Ms. Ramirez-Weaver is a confidential employee and in her role as therapist is not mandated to report sexual assault information to the university.

    Open Office Hours
    Ms. Ramirez-Weaver has an open office hour Mon-Fri from 1-2 pm for unscheduled meetings with students needing immediate attention or faculty and staff who wish to consult on concerning situations.
    If you come to this hour and the door is shut, please call the CAPS main number (434-243-5150) to check on her availability. If Ms. Ramirez-Weaver is unavailable, please go to CAPS at Student Health for crisis services (M-Fri 8-5).

    Community Connection and Outreach
    Ms. Ramirez-Weaver welcomes opportunities to meet with student groups, faculty and staff to engage in dialogue around experiences at the School of Engineering, perspective on mental health services and ideas for mental health centered presentations at the School of Engineering. Contact Ms. Ramirez-Weaver via email at er2tn@virginia.edu to schedule a mental health presentations or for your organization or class.