March 26, 2020

Here are some things to know about UVA's and UVA Engineering's novel coronavirus response.

  • Repairing Faculty and Staff Computer Equipment – The UVA Engineering IT team is reporting a few instances of people needing repairs to their computer equipment in order to continue working remotely. In those rare cases in which LSPs need to physically fix devices, the device owners should arrange directly with their department or dean’s office LSPs to get the equipment to them for repairs. This can happen on Grounds, as long as the individuals involved observe social distancing and limit their time in the buildings. After LSPs complete repairs, they will prepare the devices for return to their owners by disinfecting according to CDC guidance.


  • #WeAreUVAEngineering: Engineering Professor Keith Williams Highlighted on TV – Williams, an associate professor in the Charles L. Brown Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is doing his part to help parents everywhere keep their kids engaged in learning while schools are closed – and helping reinforce lessons about clean hands. Williams posted a video on YouTube showing the potency of soap versus viruses such as novel coronavirus. NBC29 covered it in this story.


  • Reminder about Blood Donations Due to the cancelation of blood drives in response to the coronavirus outbreak, many regions are experiencing severe blood shortages. If you are healthy and able to do so, please consider donating blood. Visit the Red Cross website for more information and to find a blood drive in your area.


  • Reminder for Students about the Virtual Center for Diversity in Education – Students and staff of the CDE have created a virtual space for student community on Slack. There are a variety of channels, including:
    • Daily_challenge
    • Pets
    • Pro_tips
    • Study_buddies
    • Virtual_cde


To join, students may e-mail the CDE. This is very much an experiment, and students should not be concerned if they are not familiar with Slack. Student associates are available to help. This is an organic, evolving space, and the CDE team welcomes feedback.


  • Reminder for Students about Financial Assistance – The University is committed to assisting students with emergency travel expenses and technology needs with funds administered by Student Financial Services. In addition, all students are eligible to apply for Honor Loans for other personal emergency expenses not covered in the above categories. Such expenses can include rent/housing and lost wages. Honor Loans are short-term, interest-free loans and can be issued via mail to the student’s address on file in SIS. If students need a check mailed to a different location, they must update their address in SIS before the check will be sent. Federal Work Study Students who are currently employed in Work Study roles will continue to receive their wages.


#WeAreUVAEngineering – Don’t forget we’re looking for positive-news stories including:

  • Stories you could share about fellow students, faculty or staff doing something interesting or great or supportive for online instruction or for remote teamwork.
  • Stories about people going the extra mile to help each other.
  • Personal stories of what are you doing to make life fun and interesting for yourself or your families at this challenging time.

Send us your stories on this online form. You can upload photos or short (20 seconds or less) videos. (Yes, photos and short videos of the quality time you’re spending with your cats and dogs are welcome!) We’ll share your stories on our social media channels (#WeAreUVAEngineering) and on our website.

Where to Find and Keep Track of News and Information – UVA Engineering’s novel coronavirus web page archives our school mass e-mail communications related to COVID-19 and includes links to the University’s sites. You can find this page from the Engineering School’s homepage at We’ve also got a new blog with updates, news and tips: