Grievance Policy

The grievance policy provides students enrolled in a University of Virginia Engineering Online course in engineering who are dissatisfied with some aspect of their course several avenues through which concerns can be addressed.

Prior to pursuing these avenues, students are asked to confirm that their concerns are justified, and not the result of a simple misunderstanding with a faculty instructor or distance learning staff member. Students with valid concerns are encouraged to express their concerns quickly and professionally when a problem arises. Do not wait until the end of the semester. Only by addressing concerns during the semester can students reasonably expect corrections to occur that benefit their learning experience.


For academic concerns (e.g. course content, advising, and curriculum specific concerns):

• First contact the course instructor and teaching assistant, if applicable, by email and phone to express specific course concerns.

• If the instructor and/or teaching instructor are unresponsive within a reasonable time-frame (e.g. phone call not returned within 72 hours, or specific problem not appropriately addressed within one week of class), students should then contact our office for assistance. We will do our best to coordinate internally to rectify the situation.

• If a reasonable response to your concern is not received from the instructor, contact our office. In extreme cases, the Educational Innovations team may reach to the engineering school’s Associate Dean for Graduate Programs for resolution.


For all concerns:

o Academic Concerns, Jennifer Mauller:, 434.924.4051

o Technology Concerns, Michael Redwine: