How to Apply

General Admission Requirements and Procedures

  • Earned baccalaureate degree in engineering or related fields from an accredited institution of higher learning.
  • Minimum grade point average of 3.0 or better in the last 60 hours of undergraduate study. (Individual degree program requirements may be higher).
  • Submission of all required application materials as noted below for degree or non-degree status.
  • Applicants must indicate the specific program to which they are applying and should submit (or have submitted) all supporting materials by the start of their first term.


Non-Degree and Visiting Students

The Non-Degree/Visiting Student Account Request Form is required for the first term in which studies begin for those not admitted to a degree program. When completing this online form, make sure to select ‘Virginia Engineering Online’ from the drop down list of departments. Our office will be in touch with you via email after we receive your completed form. We will also seek instructor permission for you to be enrolled in the class(es) indicated on your form, and enable your student account creation. Class instructors evaluate each non-degree/visiting student's readiness for each class by review of one's academic background (ie, transcript) and any relevant work experience. Once your account is created, you will receive by email a UVA computing ID, a temporary password, and a Student Information System (SIS) ID. With this information, you will fully activate your new student account and self-enroll in class. If you need assistance with enrollment, we can take care of it on your behalf. NOTE: While there is no formal language policy for non-degree and visiting students, the School of Engineering and Applied Science reserves the right to refuse admission on this basis.


Degree Applicants

An applicant must first create an account and then submit an application. Virginia Engineering Online (VEO) does not offer all UVA Engineering graduate level classes or degrees; instead, a subset of our UVA Engineering classes and degrees are available through VEO.  At the completion of the program one earns a Master of Engineering degree. Applicants are advised to keep this information in mind when applying. As the degree does not have a research component, there is no research area to select on the application.

Application Requirements:

  • Three Letters of Recommendation (at least one from a professional contact)
  • Official Transcript(s) of all previous studies
  • CV / Resume
  • Personal Statement
  • Application fee
  • Additional supporting information desired or specifically requested

**GRE test scores are currently not required  


NOTE: Foreign Nationals who are in the USA on an F-1 or J-1 visa must be enrolled in a full-time course of study. VEO does not meet that requirement. Prospective students with any other visa status should contact the International Studies Office to seek advice on whether part-time study is allowable.


GRE scores are currently optional for all VEO programs. 

 Program  GRE Requirement
 Chemical Engineering

 optional for all applicants

 Civil Engineering

 optional for all applicants

 Electrical Engineering

 optional for all applicants

 Materials Science &
 optional for all applicants
 Mechanical & Aerospace
 optional for all applicants
 Systems Engineering

optional for all applicants

If submitting GRE scores, please send to institution code 5820


Admission Acceptance

After an application has been submitted to Virginia Engineering Online (VEO), the application materials are reviewed, an admission decision is made, and the student is notified via email that a change has been made to the application status at the online application site. Applicants are prompted to check the site for the update and, if offered admission, may accept their admission offer online. Once the official acceptance is made through the application site, the applicant becomes a degree-seeking student with the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science. Prospective students who are interested in taking a class before officially applying to a degree program may do so.