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Work toward your degree, or take a single class. Take your classes online in real time, or view lectures at your convenience. You can even take classes toward your degree from one of our partner institutions.

It’s all about the flexibility!

steve glotzhober, virginia online student

"I chose Virginia Engineering Online due to the convenience it provides for obtaining a professional master's degree coupled with the high flexibility I have in designing my curriculum to best address my needs as a working engineer. "

Steve Glotzhober, ME Candidate VEO

Want to get your degree but don’t want to take the GRE exam? You can now apply and have the GRE waived! Check our Get Started page for full details.

Our fall 2019 class offerings are now available! 

Note to residents of Puerto Rico and California: The University of Virginia is working to comply with federal regulations that require it (and all other higher education institutions) to receive official state authorization to offer courses and degrees to students physically located outside of Virginia. At present, due to these federal regulations, UVA engineering can only accept students in approved states. Currently, California and Puerto Rico are not approved.

Interested in a class we are not currently offering? Let us know and we will see how we might meet your class needs in the near future.