2021 Open BME Seminar Series:


02/04: Bruce Tromberg- NIH/NIBIB (link)

“Bioengineering for COVID-19: Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) at Unprecedented Speed and Scale”

Hosted by Washington Univ. In St. Louis


02/18: Dr. Matthew Porteus- Stanford (Link)

"Gene Targeting of Stem Cells to Create Effective and Safe Medicines"

Hosted by Rice Univ.


02/25: Adriana Velazquez- WHO (Link)

"As the world gets smaller, how can we expand biomedical engineering impact to global health?"

Hosted by Case Western


03/04: Dr. Danielle Bassett- Univ. of PA (Link)

“Systems Neuroscience”

Hosted by Case Western


03/18: Dr. Daniel Rueckert- Imperial College London (Link)

"Learning clinically useful information from medical images"

Hosted by UVA


03/25: Dr. Warren Grayson- Johns Hopkins (Link)

"Making Faces: Regenerating Craniofacial Bone"

Hosted by Northwestern University


04/01: Dr. Tim Downing- UCI (Link)

“Synthetic Genome Regulation for Cell and Tissue Engineering”

Hosted by Univ. of Michigan


04/08: Dr. James Collins- MIT (Link)

“Synthetic Biology: Life Redesigned”

Hosted by Univ of Pittsburgh


Announcing the Open BME Seminar Series