Reinke Group Team

Current Graduate Students



William Blades
BS Physics, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2014
MS Physics, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2016

Research: Oxidation of NiCr alloys and defective graphene/TMD systems



Anna Costine
BS Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2016

Research: Silicene synthesis and 2D Material’s Characterization



Cameron Volders
BS Chemical Physics, Saginaw Valley State University, 2014

Research: Mo-silicide synthesis and oxidation, Ni-Cr-W oxidation, Silicene synthesis


Current Undergraduate Students

Nicolas Frady
3rd Year student, UVA Chemistry
Research: DFT studies of oxidation of graphene and effects of point defects on WSe2



PhD Thesis/Dissertations:

  • Ehsan Monazami (PhD Spring 2017): “Fullerene Molecules as Building Blocks for Nanomaterials”
  • Gopalakrishnan Ramalingam (PhD Fall 2016): “Investigation of Semiconductor and Metal-Metal Oxide Surface Nanostructures by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy/Spectroscopy
  • Emma Mitchell (PhD candidate, Fall 2016)
  • Christopher A. Nolph (PhD May 2012): “The Mn-Si-Ge System: Nanostructure, Bonding and Magnetic Properties”
  • Kiril R. Simov (PhD August 2011):” Manganese Nanostructures and Magnetism”
  • Hui Liu (PhD December 2007): “Semiconductor-Metal Nanostructures: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Investigation of the C60-Au and Mn-Ge-Si system”. University of Virginia
  • Avinash Dongare (PhD July 2007): “Atomic Scale Modeling of Surface Processes on a Focussed Ion Beam Patterned Substrate”. Co-advised with Prof. L. Zhigilei (MSE), University of Virginia
  • Helge Köger (PhD December 2005): “Formation and Properties of Fullene-Metal Composite Materials: Three and Two Dimensional Systems”. University of Göttingen
  • Matthias Töwe (PhD [Dr. rer. nat.] September 2001): “Properties and Reactivity of Alkali-Carbon Films”. Advisor: P. Reinke, Examinor: P. Oelhafen. University of Basel

Masters and Diploma Thesis:

  • Nathaniel Kabat (MS, May 2018): “Nanosphere Templates for Molecular Absorption”
  • John B. McClimon (MS candidate, May 2013): “Synthesis and Reactivity of Tungsten Carbide Nanomaterials”
  • Harmonie Sahalov (MS May 2011): “Synthesis and Reactivity of Transition Metal Carbides”
  • Wenjing Yin (MS May 2009): “Surfaces of Ultrathin Vanadium Oxide Films for Spinvalves”, co-advised with Prof. S. Wolf (MSE, Physics)
  • Sarah O’Donnell (MS May 2008): “Hierarchical Assembly of Small-Molecule Organic Solar Cells: C60 Island Formation on Ion-Irradiated Graphite as a Model System “. Master of Science, University of Virginia
  • Jermaine Coleman (MS Jan. 2007): “SPM Study of Surface Ripples”. University of Virginia