Shyam Sundar

Shyam Sundar


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) – AC College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi, India (2013-2017)
  • Master of Science by Research – Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India. (2018-2021)

Research Interests

  • Injury biomechanics
  • Blast physics
  • Fluid Structure Interaction

Selected Publications

  • Shyam, S., Alagappan, P., 2021 “Biomechanical Analysis of Head Subjected to Blast Waves and the Role of Combat Protective Headgear under Blast Loading – A Review,” Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, ASME.
  • Shyam, S., Alagappan, P., Yousaf, S., Rajesh, G., 2020 “Shock Wave Propagation in the Gap between Combat Helmet-Head Assembly,” 7th International Conference Integrity-Reliability-Failure, IRF 2020 proceedings.
  • Shyam, S., Alagappan, P., 2020 “Ballistic Impact on Polyurea Coated Concrete Plates,” 6th National Symposium on Shock Waves, NSSW 2020 proceedings.
  • Kaviarasu, K., Shyam, S., Alagappan, P., 2022 “Design Guidelines for Development of Blast Wave Simulators,” International Conference on Materials, Mechanics, and Structures ICMMS 2022 Proceedings.

Other Interests

  • Soccer, cycling, volleyball