Research Support

  • Len Barker

    Operations Manager

    Len is responsible for staff support of research activities at CAB.  This includes facilities management, contract support and personnel management.

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  • John Paul Donlon

    Mechanical Engineering Technician

    Research Interests:  Automotive/sports injury prevention, data analysis/visualization, physical/computational injury simulation.

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  • Tim Gillispie

    Administrative Assistant

    Tim has worked at the CAB for over 19 years.  He spends some of his time proofreading outgoing publications and test reports, assisting in searches of the academic literature for relevant publications, as well as maintaining a database of publications for CAB researchers. 

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  • Kevin Kopp

    Data Acquisition and Sensors Specialist

    Kevin provides data acquisition and instrumentation support for projects conducted at CAB.

  • Mark McCardell

    Computer Systems Engineer

    Mark McCardell has a very diverse skill set ranging from programming to data collection/analysis. Currently his primary responsibilities include network management and overseeing various data collection systems.

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  • Justin McMahon

    Mechanical Engineering Technician

    Justin has worked on projects pertaining to underbody blast biomechanics for the WIAMan Underbody Blast Manikin development and behind armor blunt trauma.

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  • Brian E. Overby

    Research Engineer

    Mr. Overby’s responsibilities at the Center for Applied Biomechanics, include sled and test device design, maintenance, installation and operation.

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  • Katarzyna Rawska

    Laboratory Specialist Senior

    Kasia's primary research focus is on vehicle simulation and occupant response. She has an active role in developing and simulating multi-body models of the human body.

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  • Sara (Heltzel) Sochor

    Anatomical Donations Coordinator

    Sara is the Anatomical Donations Coordinator for the University of Virginia’s CAB. She holds both a BS and MS in Biology with a concentration in human anatomy, a MS in Pharmacy with a concentration in forensic science, and an AAS in Mortuary Science.

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