John Paul Donlon



John Paul has researched biomechanics for injury prevention for six years. In that time, he has contributed to a broad range of research, including mechanical characterization of biological tissue, evaluation of computation human body models in simulated car crashes, fundamental biomechanics of sports injury prevention, and experimental study of car occupant restraint. John Paul’s current research focuses on the effect of pre-impact vehicle dynamics on occupant interaction with advanced restraint systems.


  • AS, Engineering – Piedmont Virginia Community College
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering – University of Virginia

Selected Publications

  • Biofidelity corridors using arc-length parametrization. 44th International Workshop on Human Subjects for Biomechanical Research, Washington, D.C. 2016.
  • Understanding how scapula position and spine posture affect injury outcome in side impact sled tests using a new tool for visualization of PMHS kinematics. 2014; Journal of Biomechanics, 48(3):529-533.

Research Interests

  • Automotive and Sports Injury Prevention
  • Mechanical Characterization of Biological Tissue

 Other Interests

  • Classical Piano, Gregorian Chant