Mohan Jayathirtha

Mohan Jayathirtha has over 4 years of working experience in Automotive chassis engineering, computational modelling, sled testing and biomechanics research. Mohan worked at Magna International where he was responsible for design and development of chassis systems for SUV and sedan size cars to meet performance and crashworthiness requirements. In Fall 2016, he entered Master of Mechanical Engineering program at University of Virginia. On graduation, he continued to be part of ongoing research at Center for Applied Biomechanics (CAB) where he works as a Lab and Research specialist responsible for Kinematic analysis supporting sled testing and other injury biomechanics experiments. At CAB, Mohan also works on Injury prediction research and finite element modelling of soft tissues. His area of interest are sled testing, occupant safety, human body modelling and vehicle crashworthiness.


  • ME in Mechanical Engineering – University of Virginia, US

  • BE in Mechanical Engineering – MSR Institute of Technology, India

Selected Publications

  • Performance of the Obese GHBMC Models in the Sled and Belt Pull Test Conditions. IRCOBI Conference proceedings. IRC-18-60

  • Test methodology for Evaluating the Reclined Seating Environment with Human Surrogates. NHTSA ESV Conference 2019.

  • Kinematics of inboard-leaning occupants in frontal impacts. Submitted to Traffic Injury Prevention journal.

Other Interests

  • Motorsports, Hiking, Soccer, Squash, Badminton