Tim Gillispie

Tim has worked at the CAB for over 20 years.  He spends some of his time proofreading outgoing publications and test reports, assisting in searches of the academic literature for relevant publications, as well as maintaining a database of publications for CAB researchers.  Formerly, he worked with homeless men for many years as well as working with persons with intellectual impairments.


  • MA – Humanities, Penn State University
  • BS – Rehabilitative Education, Penn State University

Selected Publications

  • The tolerance of the human body to automobile collision impact - a systematic review of injury biomechanics research, 1990-2009. Accident Analysis & Prevention. 2015; 80:7-17.
  • Appropriate protection for wheelchair riders on public transit buses. VA Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development. 2003; 40(4): 309-319.

Other Interests

  • Kitsch, sentiment, credentialism