Who We Are

Jeff Holmes is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Medicine at the University of Virginia. He obtained his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University in 1989, and his M.D./Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego in 1998. Since that time, he has devoted his career to research and education at the Engineering-Medicine interface. His laboratory studies heart mechanics, growth, and remodeling, in collaboration with cardiologists, surgeons, and radiologists as well as with matrix biologists and other basic scientists. He has served as the director of the Biomedical Engineering graduate programs at Columbia University and at the University of Virginia, and as a mentor on multiple training grants including the Medical Scientist Training Program. Dr. Holmes has taught a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses including Computational BME, Fluid Biomechanics, Cardiac Mechanics, Soft Tissue Mechanics, Advanced Quantitative Physiology, Engineering Physiology, Biomedical Innovations, and Ethics for Biomedical Engineers.

  • Center for Engineering in Medicine Associate Director

    Center for Engineering in Medicine Associate Director

    MARK SOCHOR, M.D., Vice Chair for Research Department of Emergency Medicine
    Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Emergency Medicine
    Medical Director, Center for Applied Biomechanics

    MSOCHOR@VIRGINIA.EDU | 434-297-8039

Dr. Mark Sochor is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Associate Professor in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Virginia. Dr. Sochor is a clinically active emergency medicine physician and a researcher at the Center for Applied Biomechanics. Prior to attending medical school, Dr. Sochor was a biomechanical safety engineer who developed vehicle occupant safety systems (airbag and steering column) with the Chrysler Corporation. Dr. Sochor holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Biomedical Engineering and has published numerous articles on impact biomechanics as it relates to the c-spine, chest, abdomen (pregnancy), pelvis and lower extremities.  As the University of Michigan Program for Injury Research and Education (UMPIRE) Injury Research Fellow, Dr. Sochor trained numerous engineers from industry in anatomy and injury causation.

  • Center for Engineering in Medicine Senior Research Program Officer

    Center for Engineering in Medicine Senior Research Program Officer

    Julie A Radlinski, MPH
    (714) 612 - 3835


Julie Radlinski joins the Center’s team with over 10 years of diverse professional experience in clinical research, project management, business development and cross-organizational team building. She is passionate about merging engineering and medicine with business, design and other key innovation areas – this intersection is exactly what she hopes to foster for the Center and expand at UVA. She was previously an industry consultant, building strategic plans for research and discovery, organizing thought-leadership workshops and building relationships between industry and academia. Prior to consulting, she worked for the USC Center for Body Computing, a digital health research and innovation center in Los Angeles, as well as Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham & Women’s Hospital in clinical research project management. Julie received her BA in Biology from Amherst College and MPH from Tufts University School of Medicine.

Julie will be the main operational leader for the Center and would be a great point of contact for questions, ideas, and engagement opportunities.

  • Center for Engineering in Medicine Communications Manager

    Center for Engineering in Medicine Communications Manager

    Wende Hope
    (434) 806-9326


Wende has over 15 years of professional experience in the communications and information technology fields to include creative direction, content development and managment, writing, editing, strategic communications, social media management, PR and media engagement, vendor outsourcing and management, process development, and web-based application development. She currently holds dual roles at the University of Virginia: Communications Manager for both the Center for Engineering in Medicine and the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Center for Engineering in Medicine Advisory Board

Pamela Norris, Executive Associate Dean for Research, SEAS, Tracey Morse Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Peggy Shupnik, Senior Associate Dean for Research, School of Medicine

Anna Maria Siega-Riz, Associate Dean for Research, School of Nursing

John Hawley, Associate Dean for the Sciences, Arts and Sciences

David Chen, Director, Wallace H. Coulter Translational Partners Program

Christopher Kramer, Director, Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging Fellowship Program

John Lach, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Karen Johnston, Director, Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (THRIV)

Philip Bourne, Director, Data Science Institute

Center for Engineering in Medicine Mentors

Gorav Ailawadi, Professor of Surgery
co-founder of Surgical Innovation Program

Silvia Blemker, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
co-founder of Springbok Analytics

Randall Moorman, Professor of Medicine
developer of HeRO sepsis monitoring system

Stephen Patek, Professor of Systems and Information Engineering
member of Artificial Pancreas team