Road Safety Assessment (RSA) Reports

Road Safety Assessments (RSAs) are identified as critical strategies to address engineering improvements for several of the environmental emphasis areas, such as intersection and roadway departure crashes.

VDOT will use the RSA process to continue to reduce the number of severe and fatal crashes by proactively identifying existing and potential safety issues and providing recommended improvements.

Elements of RSA Process

• It is a formal examination process

• It is proactive and independent process

• It is carried out by a qualified team who represents a variety of experience and expertise

• The assessment is restricted to safety issues although operations is considered

• The assessment produces a formal report that identifies possible safety deficiencies and makes recommendations to mitigate those deficiencies

Road Safety Assessment Reports (PDFs)

Martinsville: Liberty St / Commonwealth Blvd W and Market St

Newport News: Mercury Blvd / River Rd / Riverpark Rd

Stafford: Courthouse Road / Stafford Avenue

Vinton: Walnut Ave / 8th Street