For Students


THE NANO AND EMERGING TECHNOLOGY CLUB (NEXT) is a student run organization devoted to building awareness among the student body of nascent technologies. Beyond a regular speaker series, there are events and trips planned.  NExT and nanoSTAR collaborate to facilitate undergraduate research opportunities, support outreach activities, and further the mission of both organizations.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

Each year, nanoSTAR Institute invites undergraduate students to apply to spend the summer in the laboratories of University of Virginia research faculty.  Our faculty submit projects that need additional student help, and we match students to projects based on their interests and abilities.  Projects include an element of nanotechnology/nanoscience.  Students get hands-on laboratory experience while learning more about nanotechnology/nanoscience.  They also receive mentoring and help in preparing oral and poster presentations.  The summer session culminates in an oral presentation, which helps prepare young researchers for academic and professional activities. Check back in March for updates regarding projects and applications.