WHISPERS Objectives

WHISPERS has three primary objectives: agenda-setting; exploratory test and evaluation; and public education.

The WHISPERS team has earned a planning grant from the National Science Foundation Spectrum Innovation Initiative to advance three core objectives:  

  • Articulate the primary technical and regulatory issues arising from competing needs, taking into consideration current scientific requirements; emerging wireless communications and networking research; constraints imposed by device and instrumentation technologies; and public discourse involving advocacy groups, government regulators and policymakers.
  • Lay the foundation for a center-based National Radio Dynamic Zone testbed, a platform where scientists and engineers can collaboratively investigate and verify solutions in a managed and supportive environment. The testbed will facilitate experiments and host initiatives supported by federal, private and joint investments to explore new technologies and paradigms and accelerate deployment of advances made in spectrum usability, access and sharing.
  • Educate the public and nurture the next generation of spectrum-cognizant advocates and technical leaders through education and outreach programs.