Engineering for Health

UVA Engineering researchers believe that new methods to prevent, diagnose, monitor and treat disease are within humanity’s grasp. And UVA is uniquely positioned to reach a better future for healthcare because we create knowledge at the intersection of engineering and medicine. UVA Engineering is co-located with the top-ranked UVA School of Medicine and UVA Health System, and our culture values and rewards collaboration and initiative. Our research is leading to major breakthroughs in many exciting areas, including diabetes treatment, wireless health, injury prevention and tissue regeneration.

The Puzzle Solvers

University of Virginia officials understood they needed good information on the virus and how it was affecting students, faculty and staff on Grounds. In August, UVA launched a COVID Tracker that is updated daily with key public health data, including the number of coronavirus cases reported within the University community.

Robots + Ultraviolet Light = Zapping COVID-19

Studies show the novel coronavirus is destroyed when exposed to ultraviolet light and heat while on surfaces, such as countertops, chairs, walls and floors. This vulnerability sparked an idea in the mind of University of Virginia mechanical and aerospace engineering professor Tomonari Furukawa, who is using a robot to operate semi-autonomously in hazardous areas.

In a host of research areas, including biomedical data sciences and systems biology, biomedical imaging, tissue engineering and biomaterials, biomechanics and mechanobiology, and drug and gene delivery, UVA Engineering leads breakthroughs.

We Are Making a Difference