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UVA has over 35 years of experience in hypersonic technology development and hypersonic ground and flight testing. We have 17 faculty that are actively conducting research in hypersonics-related or hypersonics-relevant areas. Our core strengths lie in air-breathing propulsion and materials for hypersonic applications. We have contributed to some of the nation’s key hypersonics programs and our materials solutions have been deployed around the world. Much of this research is conducted within the UVA Hypersonics Research Complex. We also have significant expertise in the fields of systems engineering and turbomachinery that is expanding into hypersonics. UVA previously led the National Center for Hypersonic Combined Cycle Propulsion. This five-year, national flagship hypersonic research center was supported through funding from the US Air Force and NASA. In addition, UVA actively operates one of only three Rolls-Royce University Technology Centers in the United States. The center conducts research on advanced aerospace propulsion materials, including high-temperature applications.


UVA Hypersonics Research Complex

The UVA Hypersonics Research Complex consists of ten laboratories across 25,000 square-feet of state-of-the-art research space.


Hypersonic Ground and Flight Test Techniques

UVA ground and flight test research is enabling new hypersonic technologies. The University of Virginia Supersonic Combustion Facility (UVASCF) is a flagship propulsion ground test facility of the UVA Hypersonics Research Complex.


Diagnostics and Modeling

UVA instream diagnostics are enabling an understanding of combustion associated with high-speed propulsion and the development of comprehensive databases for the validation of new models.



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Systems Engineering, Prognostics, and Control

UVA has expertise in adaptive decision making and risk analysis of large integrated systems that has great potential for hypersonic systems. Our systems engineering, and prognostics and control research will lead to smart and efficient hypersonic vehicles.


Advanced Hypersonic Materials

The University of Virginia has maintained a very active research program in materials for extreme environments for more than 20 years.

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