More About UVA's Clean Room

The members of the Innovations in Fabrication user community are limited only by their imagination.

The IFAB gives researchers the ability to conduct time-sensitive, closed-loop, end-to-end experiments, working in a series of connected, mostly open bays and supporting chases.

IFAB info graphic - square footage by ISO safety level and function

We provide a sandbox with training to help researchers transition a proof-of-concept into devices that meet good manufacturing practice criteria.

We envision a facility in which students are immersed; faculty collaborate and accelerate research; and industry partners leverage our $30 million investment in state-of-the-art instruments. We will measure our success against the scholarly work produced, the number of students we train, the new ideas generated through our collaborations and the new technologies generated.

We are committed to creating economic opportunity throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Northeast region through workforce development and an expanded bio-materials-medical corridor. 

 Art Lichtenberger (right) gives Dean West a guided tour of the IFAB

Explore Art Licthenberger's playground at UVA: Get a sneak peek into the newly renovated Innovations in Fabrication (IFAB) facility and hear about research opportunities in superconducting and millimeter and submillimeter materials, devices and circuits. Watch the video.