Themis 60-300 kV Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

Atomic-Scale Imaging and Nanoscale Compositional Analysis for Materials

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Location: Wilsdorf Hall B011 and B013

The Themis system from Thermo Fisher Scientific allows for imaging of materials with atomic resolution in both the Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and the probe-corrected Scanning TEM (STEM) modes. Compositional analyses and mapping are available using Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS) and Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy (EELS). This system is currently being installed and tested.


TEM Technique Summary:

  • Atomic resolution imaging of crystal lattices in TEM and STEM modes
  • Imaging of defects, precipitates and interfaces using bright- and dark-field techniques
  • Elemental Composition for Z>2
  • Elemental Sensitivity: < 1 wt.% with spatial resolution in the nm range
  • Electron diffraction for structural analysis of areas with diameters > 150 nm
  • In-situ of imaging of samples during cooling and heating experiments
  • In-situ imaging of liquids and during electrochemical experiments
  • Samples can be powders or materials thinned to less than 1 micron in thickness
  • Maximum sample diameter: 3 mm, maximum height: 0.25 mm

TEM Features:

  • 80-300 kV S-Twin platform
  • STEM and TEM system with Field Emission Gun and Gatan 966 Energy-Loss Spectrometer
  • Monochromator: Energy resolution<200 mV at 300 kV, energy resolution<30 mV at 60 kV
  • Resolution: probe-corrected STEM: 0.07 nm; TEM: 0.19 nm
  • Super X EDS system (4 silicon drift detectors)
  • Low-background Double-Tilt Specimen Holder, alpha tilt angles up to 40°
  • Cold Stage (liquid nitrogen) and Heating Stage (up to 850°C) Double-Tilt Specimen Holders
  • Rotation holder and q-slit for momentum resolved EELS
  • Poseidon liquid cell holder for in-situ electrochemical experiments
  • Ceta camera: 4096x4096 pixels
  • HAADF, BF, DF, and Differential Phase Contrast detectors for STEM




Themis Z 3.1 STEM Instrument Usage: $105/hr

Themis Z 3.1 STEM Operator Costs:  $55/hr




Themis Z 3.1 STEM Instrument Usage (Operator Costs Included): $160/hr




Themis Z 3.1 STEM Instrument Usage (Operator Costs Included): $350/hr


.*Rates are for reference only. See R. White for current instrument costs.