Zygo Optical Surface Profilometer

White-Light Profilometer for Surface Metrology


Location: WH B001

Zygo NewView 7300 white-light optical profilometer for determination of surface topography and measurement of surface shape, surface finish, surface profile roughness (Ra), or in surface area roughness (Sa), surface texture, asperity and structural characterization.


Zygo Profilometer Technique Summary:

  • Nondestructive Interferometric area and height measurement (< 1nm +/- < 0.1nm)
  • Non-contact measurement: No diamond-tipped stylus to damage or alter fragile or soft surfaces
  • 3D measurements can calculate volumes of bumps, mesas or voids
  • Better able to measure co-planarity of discontiguous areas in the field of view than contact profiling methods
  • Large field of view offers more surface information
  • Lateral Resolution to 0.36 microns (objective lens dependent)
  • Sample table size: 3.5 x 8 x 8 in


Zygo Profilometer Features:

  • Non-contact, three-dimensional, scanning white light interferometry
  • Field of View: 0.03 to 14 mm; larger area imaged with field stitching; objective and zoom dependent
  • Vertical Scan Range: 150 μm (5906 μin); Extended scan range to 20 mm (0.79 in.)
  • Vertical Res. < 0.1 nm (0.004 μin)
  • Lateral Res. 0.36 to 9.5 μm; objective dependent
  • Data Scan Rate 135 μm/sec
  • Single white-light LED illumination for superior life, uniform imaging and high efficiency
  • Closed-loop piezo-based scanner, with highly linear capacitive sensors
  • Motorized manual and auto focus
  • Motorized 3-position system zoom
  • Objectives: 5X, 20X, 50X;  available in standard and long working distances
  • Selectable Measurement Array: 640x480, 320x240, 160x120, 992x992
  • Z-Drive (Focus) for Stage: DC brushless microstepper motor with ballscrew drive, 4 in. range, and 0.1 μm resolution
  • Stage: Manual Tip/Tilt/X/Y with ±6° tip/tilt, ±2 in. X/Y; Motorized Tip/Tilt/X/Y with ±4° tip/tilt, ±3 in. x/y; Motorized Tip/Tilt/X-Theta (or Y-Theta) with ±4° tip/tilt, ±3 in. linear travel
  • ZYGO MetroPro software running under Microsoft Windows XP



Zygo Profilometer Instrument Usage: $33/hr

Zygo  Profilometer Operator Costs:  $60/hr




Zygo Profilometer Instrument Usage: $55/hr

Zygo  Profilometer Operator Costs:  $70/hr




Zygo Profilometer Instrument Usage: $60/hr

Zygo  Profilometer Operator Costs:  $125/hr


.*Rates are for reference only. See R. White for current instrument costs.