X'pertPro X-Ray Diffractometer

Structure Determination for Polycrystalline Substances

X'pert Pro Multipurpose X-Ray Diffractometer


Location: Jesser Hall room 108

The X'Pert Pro diffractometer from Malvern-Panalytical performs a variety of X-ray diffraction measurements on any type of polycrystalline material including inorganic, organometallic and organic substances. It can be easily configured by each user with the optimal combination of optics, detector and sample stage for their experiment and is most often used for point-focus experiments and teaching.


XRD Applications:

  • Bragg-Brentano (para-focusing) and parallel beam geometry
  • X-ray Powder Diffractometry (XPRD)
  • Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffractometry (GIXRD)
  • X-ray Reflectometry (XRR)
  • Texture (Pole Figure)
  • Residual Stress (side inclination or iso-inclination)
  • Rocking Curves
  • Reciprocal Space Mapping

XRD Features:

  • Source: Water-cooled sealed X‐ray tube operating at 45 keV and 40 mA with line- and point-focusing windows
    • Cu anode (1.54 Å wavelength)
    • Mo anode (0.71 Å wavelength)
    • Cr anode (2.29 Å wavelength)
  • Detectors: Two interchangeable detectors
    • Prop detector for point (0-D) data collection
    • X'celerator detector for line (1-D) data collection with an active length of 2.122°
  • Sample stage: Four interchangeable sample stages available
    • Spinner stage
    • Multi-purpose sample stage with manual phi and Z
    • Open Eulerian cradle with auto chi/phi and manual Z
    • Flat sample bracket
    • Gauge for checking sample height
    • Beam knife
  • Customizable Optics for the incident and diffracted beam
    • Incident beam PreFIX modules: Programmable Divergence Slit, Fixed Collimator Point Focus, and Parallel Beam Mirror
    • Diffracted beam PreFIX modules: 0.18° Parallel Plate Collimator (PPC)
    • Programmable Attenuator and set of manual attenuators
    • Soller slits (0.04 rad)
    • Set of incident beam anti-scatter (IBASS) slits
    • Set of masks
    • Programmable anti-scatter slit (PASS)
    • Receiving slits
    • Flat diffracted beam monochromator (adjustable)
    • K-Beta filters for Cu (Ni), Mo (Zr) and Cr (V)
    • Fluorescent screens for visualizing X-ray beam
  • Sample Holders
    • For powder: 27 mm diameter x 2.4 mm deep, and 16 mm diameter x 2.4 mm deep for front- and/or back-loading
    • For materials of non-standard size and shape: maximum 45 mm diameter x maximum 6.5 mm deep
    • For circular solid samples: 30-32.3 mm diameter x maximum 6 mm deep
    • Zero-background sample holders for small amounts of material
    • Manual powder press for back-loading samples
  • Software
    • Data Collector for instrument control and data collection
    • Data Viewer
    • HighScore Plus
    • Crystallography Open Database available on instrument computer
    • Access to PDF4+ database and CSD database on separate data processing computer
  • Various user manuals in hard-copy and electronic formats



Panalytical X'pert XRD Instrument Usage: $28/hr

Panalytical X'pert XRD Operator Costs:  $60/hr




Panalytical X'pert XRD Instrument Usage (Operator Costs Included): $115/hr




Panalytical X'pert XRD Instrument Usage (Operator Costs Included): $200/hr


.*Rates are for reference only. See R. White for current instrument costs.