Multidisciplinary Team Labs and Groups

  • Link Lab

    The Link Lab is a collaborative, interdisciplinary initiative focused on world-class research in cyber-physical systems. The lab’s faculty are dedicated to creating new knowledge and technologies at the intersection of the cyber and physical worlds, such as body sensors, smart buildings, wireless health, bio-inspired platforms and intelligent transportation systems. Five new faculty members joined UVA Engineering’s Link Lab in 2016-2017, and searches for faculty and graduate students continue.

    Director: John A. Stankovic, BP America Professor of Computer Science

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    Associate Director: Jonathan L. Goodall, Professor, Department of Engineering Systems and Environment

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    Link Lab
  • Mechatronics Lab

    Mechatronics involves the synergistic integration of Mechanical Engineering with electronics and intelligent computer control in the design and manufacture of industrial products and processes. UVA’s Mechatronics Lab brings together principles of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering.

    Director: Gavin Garner, Research Associate Professor

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    Mechatronics Lab
  • Multifunctional Materials Integration Group

    The Multifunctional Materials Integration Initiative (MMI) at the University of Virginia brings researchers from across the School of Engineering to develop ways to tightly co-design multiple technologies across length scales, enabling the next generation of integrated systems. These systems will be capable of achieving “more than Moore” and of interacting with a variety of carriers and environments by coupling multiple disparate materials and integrated processes to create hybrid technologies that enable performance, functionalities, and applications that are not possible with a single, homogeneous, monolithically integrated process.

    Contact: Patrick E. Hopkins, Co-Director and Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering and Physics

    Contact: Steven M. Bowers, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Multifunctional Materials Integration Group
  • Rapid Prototyping Laboratory

    UVA Engineering’s Rapid Prototyping Lab is a state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing facility that provides Computer-Aided Design, FDM 3-D Printing, and Poly-Jet 3-D Printing services to students, faculty, staff and external clients.  The lab welcomes sponsored research projects and grant collaborations.

    Director: Dwight Dart

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    Rapid Prototyping Laboratory
  • Real Time and Embedded Systems Laboratory

    The Laboratory for Real-Time & Embedded Computing studies a wide range of issues in all aspects of real-time computing and embedded systems. Real-time principles are becoming important for all systems since audio and video streams are being used in many new contexts from control applications to the Next Generation Internet. The lab has exciting projects on: building and analyzing embedded systems based on components; developing a theory and practice of feedback-control real-time scheduling; developing protocols for deeply embedded large scale sensor networks; and designing real-time databases to support smart/ubiquitous computing spaces in both Internet based worlds and in ad hoc sensor networks.

    Director: John A. Stankovic, BP America Professor of Computer Science

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    Real Time and Embedded Systems Laboratory
  • Rotating Machinery and Controls Laboratory (ROMAC)

    The Rotating Machinery and Controls (ROMAC) Industrial Program supports cooperative research efforts and emphasizes theoretical and experimental research in general areas of rotordynamics, turbomachinery, structural dynamics, magnetic bearings, the application of automatic controls to the dynamics of rotating machinery, internal incompressible flows, the coupling of internal flows to the dynamics of rotating machinery, fluid film bearings, and seals. The interaction between industry and university professionals through the medium of ROMAC provides the university researchers with an understanding of practical industrial problems with rotating machinery, while the industrial participants obtain timely research results.

    Director: Houston Wood, Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

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    Rotating Machinery and Controls Laboratory
  • Terahertz Lab

    The mission of this lab is to create electronic devices capable of operating in the millimeter and sub-millimeter wave range. The lab’s work includes high-frequency millimeter-wave power generation, low-noise receiver elements, integrated-circuit antennas and quasi-optical techniques.

    Director: Robert M. Weikle II, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

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    Terahertz Lab
  • University of Virginia Microfabrication Laboratories

    The Microfabrication Laboratories serve as the University of Virginia's center for research across a broad front of activity in devices, circuits, microsystems, materials and processing methods. These activities share a 3,500 square foot clean room facility for microfabrication and materials research as well as a variety of other facilities for nanotechnology, microwave and optical analysis, and device design and testing.

    Director: Arthur W. Lichtenberger, Research Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

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    University of Virginia Microfabrication Laboratories