MMI Faculty Research Interests

MMI Faculty Research Interests

  • Sean Agnew

    Sean Agnew

    Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

    Characterization and modeling of mechanical properties of crystalline solids, especially anisotropies related to crystal structure and crystal defects, e.g., dislocations, and in-situ characterization using diffraction

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  • Prasanna Balachandran

    Prasanna Balachandran

    Assistant Professor, Materials Science & Engineering Joint Appointment, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

    Density Functional Theory, Materials Informatics, Machine Learning for Materials Discovery, Adaptive Learning, Bayesian Inference

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  • Scott Barker

    Scott Barker

    Associate Dean, Academic Affairs Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Applying microfabrication techniques for the development of millimeter-wave and terahertz-frequency micro-electromechanical systems

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  • Andreas Beling

    Andreas Beling

    Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Photonic devices and integrated photonic technologies for optical communications, sensing, and microwave photonics

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  • Steven M. Bowers

    Steven M. Bowers

    Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Development of advanced radio frequency integrated circuits and electromagnetics to enable smaller, faster, and lower power wireless devices with greater connectivity and efficiency to increase performance while improving battery life

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  • Keivan Esfarjani

    Keivan Esfarjani

    Associate Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Joint Appointments, Materials Science & Engineering and Physics

    Computational Materials Science, charge and heat transport modeling, High-temperature materials and their properties

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  • James Fitz-Gerald

    James Fitz-Gerald

    Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

    Pulsed laser deposition and plume dynamics, mechanical and electrochemical investigations of additively manufactured components, nanoscale powder coatings, thin films for drug delivery, magnetic and luminescent properties, surface engineering, corrosion mitigation strategies

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  • Jerrold Floro

    Jerrold Floro

    Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

    Synthesis, processing and characterization emphasizing nanoscale self-assembly in electronic materials for nanoelectronic, ferromagnetic, and thermoelectric applications

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  • Avik Ghosh

    Avik Ghosh

    Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering Joint Appointment, Physics

    Computational Materials, Quantum transport for charge, spin and heat transport, low power electronics, neuromorphic computing, 2D materials, thermal modeling, topological excitations, magnetic memory and logic, modeling of photodetectors  

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  • Helge Heinrich

    Helge Heinrich

    Research Scientist, Materials Science & Engineering

    Characterization of materials and devices with Transmission Electron Microscopy; Modification of devices and 3D characterization of materials with Focused Ion Beam processing; Surface analysis with X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

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  • Patrick Hopkins

    Patrick Hopkins

    Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

    Thermal transport in materials and across interfaces.  Electron and phonon heat transfer and coupling. Ultrashort pulsed laser interactions with materials, and resulting heat transfer and structural properties

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  • James Howe

    James Howe

    Thomas Goodwin Digges Professor of Materials Science & Engineering

    Phase transformations, interphase boundaries at atomic scale, in-situ high-resolution and analytical transmission electron microscope techniques, nanoscale materials, plasmons and electron energy loss spectroscopy

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  • Jon Ihlefeld

    Jon Ihlefeld

    Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering Joint Appointment, Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Synthesis, processing, and integration science of electronic oxides; processing/microstructure effects on electronic, thermal, and optical properties

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  • Kyusang Lee

    Kyusang Lee

    Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering Joint Appointment, Materials Science

    Thin-film optoelectronics, Neuromorphic Computing, Flexible electronics, 2D materials, Advanced epitaxy, Heterogeneous Integration, Smart Image sensor

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  • Stephen McDonnell

    Stephen McDonnell

    Assistant Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

    X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy for surface and interface analysis, Electronic Structure, surface reconstruction, metal passivation, 2D semiconductor growth, atomic layer deposition, correlating interface chemistry with device properties, e-beam deposition

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  • Pamela Norris

    Pamela Norris

    Executive Dean Frederick Tracy Morse Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

    Characterization and modeling of phonon transfer across the interface of dissimilar material systems

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  • Osman Ozbulut

    Osman Ozbulut

    Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Engineering Systems & Environment

    Characterization and modeling of shape memory alloys, and their applications to civil infrastructure; nano-reinforced cementitious composites; 3D concrete printing; bio-based fiber reinforced composites

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  • Petra Reinke

    Petra Reinke

    Professor, Materials Science & Engineering, Director, Multifunctional Materials Integration Initiative

    Electronic structure and reactions at surfaces and interfaces, corrosion and oxidation, nanomaterials synthesis, atomic scale imaging, in-situ and operando studies of surface funtionalization and reactions 

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  • John R. Scully

    John R. Scully

    Charles Henderson Chaired Professor and Chair, Materials Science & Engineering

    Multi-scale and multi-physics characterization and elucidation of material surface behavior and properties focusing on electrochemically driven oxidation, dealloying, hydrogen interactions, and dissolution/passivation

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  • Kevin Skadron

    Kevin Skadron

    Near-data processing, specialized processor architectures, and power and thermal management for microprocessors

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  • Mircea Stan

    Mircea Stan

    Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Power-aware and temperature-aware design, machine learning architecture, wearout and recovery, emerging memories, spintronics and nanoelectronics, processing in memory

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  • Robert Weikle

    Robert Weikle

    Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Submillimeter-wave and terahertz electronics, integrated circuits, antennas, and quasi-optical components. High-frequency devices based on heterogeneous integration and phase-change materials

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  • Baoxing Xu

    Baoxing Xu

    Assistant Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

    Multiscale-mechanics, Nanomanufacturing, soft-hard material integration, functional structures by design,flexible sensors and biomedical devices,mechanics and thermal transport in heterostructures

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  • Mona Zebarjadi

    Mona Zebarjadi

    Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering Joint Appointment, Materials Science & Engineering

    Characterization and modeling of electron and phonon transport, materials design for thermoelectric, thermionic and thermomagnetic devices

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  • Leonid Zhigilei

    Leonid Zhigilei

    Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

    Computational Materials Science, materials processing far from equilibrium, structure and properties of nanostructured materials, phase transformations, acoustic activation of surface processes

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