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A cross-cutting initiative at UVA Engineering

The Mutlifunctional Materials Integration Initiative aims to reduce, reuse and recycle heat and energy and create new functionalities in many technologies that form the backbone of modern society. Researchers in the School of Engineering and Applied Science collaborate to develop new, advanced and complex materials and devices with a built-in level of energy efficiency and functionality that does not exist today.

The initiative maximizes UVA Engineering's unique, interdisciplinary expertise in building advanced materials, controlling energy and heat, fabricating sensors, reducing corrosion, building biomedical systems and developing advanced manufacturing approaches.

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Phone: ​434-924-1038

Baoxing Xu

Associate Professor

Research Areas
  • Engineering mechanics; Nanomanufacturing for wearable electronics; Engineering design for biomedical devices; Soft-hard integration mechanics; Thermal transport of mechanically deformed materials
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