ROMAC Short Courses

Typically two Five-Day Short Courses are held in Charlottesville during the summer semester. The courses are taught by members of industry and ROMAC faculty and graduate students at the ROMAC Laboratories in the Mechanical and Aerospace Building on the Grounds of the University of Virginia.

Rotordynamics and Magnetic Bearings

This is a course in rotordynamics, bearing dynamics, and applied dynamics, as well as topics relating to magnetic bearings. It is offered annually on site of the lab, during the summer semester.

CFD Modeling for Industrial Machine Components

This computational fluid dynamics (CFD) short course will include presentations by UVA faculty and graduate students. Tutorials using the commercial CFD software, ANSYS CFX, will also be performed for common rotating machinery component analyses.

If you are interested in bringing this course to your facility, please contact us at ROMAC for additional information.



"Thank you for the amazing work you and the others did in organizing the short course as well! It was a great learning experience."

"I highly appreciate how easy it was to pick up on rotordynamics from you and the other lecturers."