Advisory Board

In 2016 Prof. Houston Wood, Director of ROMAC, reached out to our membership to query if there was interest in forming an advisory board. We received a positive response and the ROMAC Advisory Board was formed.

The overall purpose of this board is to help ROMAC grow and improve now and into the future as well as enable increased input and ownership for the member companies.  The ROMAC Advisory Board is composed of four industry members who volunteer their time and expertise to serve in an advisory role to the ROMAC faculty. Our current board consists of: Phil Johnson, Daikin-Applied, (2018-2021); Bruce Fabijonas, Kingsbury, (2018-2021); Leonardo Ishimoto, Petrobras, (2019-2022) and Chris Zuck, Pratt & Whitney, (2019-2022)

The Board typically meets via telephone conference during the fall and spring semester.

Minutes from previous meetings can be found on our secure site here.


Only ROMAC members have access to ROMAC Advisory Board Meeting minutes.
Contact the ROMAC Advisory Board with your comments, feedback or suggestions.