Undergraduate Students

ROMAC undergraduate students often come from other departments in the Engineering School. Their developing skills and interests can be complimentary to the needs of ROMAC. These students work no more than 10 hours a week, attending meetings and collaborating with ROMAC faculty, staff, and graduate students. Their work focuses on a wide variety of research projects for the industry members of the Rotating Machinery and Controls Laboratory Consortium.

Undergraduate Students

  • Greg Breza

    Greg Breza

    B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Expected Date: May 2022

    Contact: Greg Breza
  • Kevin Moccia

    Kevin Moccia

    B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Expected Date: May 2022

    Contact: Kevin Moccia
  • Astrid Henkle

    Astrid Henkle

    B.S. Mechanical Engineering Expected Date: May 2022

    Contact: Astrid Henkle

  • Kangyi Peng

    Kangyi Peng

    B.S. Aerospace Engineering Expected Date: May 2023

    Contact: Kangyi Peng