• Dr. Christopher Goyne

    Dr. Christopher Goyne

    Associate Professor

    Contact: Chris Goyne
  • Dr. Robert Rockwell

    Dr. Robert Rockwell

    Senior Scientist

    Contact: Bob Rockwell
  • Dr. Andres Clarens

    Dr. Andres Clarens

    Associate Professor Engineering Systems and Environment

    Contact: Andres Clarens
  • Dr. Zongli Lin

    Dr. Zongli Lin

    Ferman W. Perry Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering


    Contact: Zongli Lin

  • Dr. Neal Morgan

    Dr. Neal Morgan

    ROMAC Software Engineer/ MAE Lecturer

    Contact: Neal Morgan

  • Dr. Houston Wood

    Dr. Houston Wood

    Professor Emeritus

    Contact: Houston Wood


Affiliated Faculty

  • Dr. Edgar Gunter

    Dr. Edgar Gunter

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Professor Emeritus

    External Advisor