• Dr. Houston Wood

    Dr. Houston Wood

    Professor and ROMAC Director

    Research Focal Area: 

    CFD, Flow Analysis of Pumps, Compressors, Centrifuges & Seals

    Faculty Profile

    Contact: Houston Wood

    Office Phone: (434) 924-6297

  • Dr. Roger Fittro

    Dr. Roger Fittro

    Research Associate Professor, ROMAC Associate Director

    Research Focal Area: 

    Controls, Magnetic Bearings, Rotordynamics

    Faculty Profile

    Contact: Roger Fittro
    Office Phone: (434) 924-7703

  • Dr. Christopher Goyne

    Dr. Christopher Goyne

    Associate Professor

    Research Focal Area: 

    Fluid Dynamics, Experimental Methods

    Faculty Profile

    Contact: Chris Goyne
    Office Phone: (434) 924-5355

  • Dr. Robert Rockwell

    Dr. Robert Rockwell

    Senior Scientist

    Research Focal Area: 

    Finite Element Method Analysis, Rotordynamics

    Contact: Bob Rockwell
    Office Phone: (434)982-6129​

  • Dr. Andres Clarens

    Dr. Andres Clarens

    Associate Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Research Focal Area: 

    Controllable Lubricants (Gas Enhanced Lubrication)

    Faculty Profile

    Contact: Andres Clarens
    Office Phone: (434) 924-7966

  • Dr. Zongli Lin

    Dr. Zongli Lin

    Ferman W. Perry Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Research Focal Area: 

    Controls, Magnetic Bearings

    Faculty Profile

    Contact: Zongli Lin
    Office Phone: (434)924-634

  • Minhui He

    Minhui He

    Senior Scientist

    Research Focal Area: 

    Fluid Film Bearings, Rotordynamics, Finite Element Analysis

    Contact: Minhui He
    Office Phone: (434) 924-3292

  • Dr. Cori Watson

    Dr. Cori Watson

    Research Associate

    Research Focal Area: 

    Computational fluid dynamics

    Contact: Cori Watson
    Office Phone: (434) 243-4934

Affiliated Faculty

  • Dr. Edgar Gunter

    Dr. Edgar Gunter

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Professor Emeritus

    External Advisor

Graduate Students

  • Jeffrey Bennett

    Jeffrey Bennett

    Ph.D. (CEE) Expected Date: May 2021

    Research Area

    Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Cycles, Energy System Planning

    Project Title

    An Advisory Controller for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Plants

    Contact: Jeffrey Bennett

  • Michael Branagan

    Michael Branagan

    Ph.D. (MAE) Date Expected: December 2018

    Research Area

    Rotordynamic FEA; Air foil bearings; Fluid film bearing prediction

    Project Title

    Influence of Surface Irregularities on the Dynamic Performance of Fluid Film Bearings

    Contact: Michael Branagan

  • Madeline Collins

    Madeline Collins

    Ph.D. (MAE) Expected Date: August 2022

    Research Area

    Rotordynamics and Statistics

    Project Title

    Calibration of Rotordynamic Models with CFD and Sparse Experimental Data

    Contact: Madeline Collins

  • Xin Deng

    Xin Deng

    Ph.D. (MAE) Expected Date: May 2020

    Research area

    Fluid film bearings

    Project Title

    Thermoelastohydrodynamic analysis of tilting pad thrust bearings
    Contact: Xin Deng

  • Harrison Gates

    Harrison Gates

    Ph.D. (MAE) Expected Date: May 2021

    Research Area

    Bearings: Thermal, CFD, Mixing

    Project Title

    Computational Fluid Dynamics based Bearing Hot Oil Carry-over (Mixing Coefficient) Prediction
    Contact: Harrison Gates

  • Pedro Herrera

    Pedro Herrera

    Ph.D. (MAE) Expected Date: May 2023

    Research Area

    Test Rigs

    Project Title

    Contact: Pedro Herrera

  • Neal Morgan

    Neal Morgan

    Ph.D. (MAE) Expected Date: May 2019

    Research Area


    Project Tile

    Optimization and design of experiments to improve seal performance characteristics
    Contact: Neal Morgan

  • Wisher Paudel

    Wisher Paudel

    Ph.D. (MAE) Expected Date: May 2022

    Research Area

    Seals; Seals Test Rig; Nuclear Non-proliferation and Safeguards

    Project Title

    Design and Optimization of Mixed Helical-Labyrinth Seals and Modeling of nuclear enrichment cascades 
    Contact: Wisher Paudel

  • Syed Ali Asad Rizvi

    Syed Ali Asad Rizvi

    Ph.D.( ECE) Expected Date: May 2020

    Research Areas


    Project Title

    Design of Model-Free Optimal Adaptive Controllers Using Reinforcement Learning 
    Contact: Ali Rizvi

  • Benstone Schwartz

    Benstone Schwartz

    Ph.D. (MAE) Expected Date: May 2020

    Research Area

    Fluid-film bearings

    Project Title

    Fluid film bearing test rig
    Contact: Benny Schwart

Visiting Scholars

  • Weiqi Bai

    Weiqi Bai

    Visiting Student Scholar

    Beijing Jiaotong University
    Visiting Appointment through October 2019

    Contact: Weiqi Bai


  • Lori Mohr Pedersen

    Lori Mohr Pedersen

    ROMAC Office Manager

    Contact: Lori Mohr Pedersen
    Office Phone: (434) 924-3292

  • Benstone Schwartz

    Benstone Schwartz

    Software Engineer

    Ph.D. (MAE) Expected Date: May 2020

    Contact: Benny Schwartz

    Office Phone: (434) 243-3262

  • Sean R. Travis

    Sean R. Travis

    Software Developer

    Contact: Sean Travis
    Office Phone: (434) 924-3292